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Chiude la formazione il finalista internazionale di CrashTest 2017:
4- Welcome Project, da Berlino, con INTIME FREMDE!

L’Europa ci ha abituati a viaggiare low cost e a sentirci a casa in tutti i paesi dell’unione. Ma i confini esistono nascosti ovunque: mentre facciamo la spesa, quando ci guardiamo, sfioriamo, evitiamo, nella mia minigonna, nel volto coperto della vicina di casa…

A settembre, a CrashTest.

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“When I was a child my mother used to tell me, that I am a citizen of the world. Of course I believed her, she was my mother. But the older I got, the more I understood that this is only my mother’s dream. Borders exist – for somebody more, for the luckiest less. Their lines and rules sometimes change, but they do exist.”

Intime Fremde is a performance project reflecting over the idea of limit and border, identity and nation, the encounter/collision of different anatomies. Europe got us used to travel low cost and feel at home in all the countries of the Union. But the old continent is scared and closes its own confines. Borders exist hidden everywhere. If it’s true that we’re all biologically similar, it’s also true we are all culturally diverse, and with different rights.

Are we finally not made of what we eat, we experience, we decide, we love, we fight for?

Welcome Project

is a new emerging artistic concept born in  Berlin by an idea of Chiara Rossini. Its name is due to her personal experience as emigrated, but also to a particular idea of theatre: Theatre is another world, governed by others rules, a space where unordinary things can happen. Within its borders we are all strangers looking for intimacy and dignity.Nevertheless the idea of the Project was also inspired by a movie: Welcome is a film of Philip Loiret. It tells the story of a clandestine that tries to overpass the English Channel by swimming because he wants to join his lover.

At the moment the company is composed by three artists based in Germany and coming from different countries of origin: Chiara Elisa Rossini, Aurora Kellermann, LinaZaraket, SerfirazVural. The firsto group’s production is Intime Fremde. The performance had its premiere in Novmber 2015 at Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin. Intime Fremde is produced by Teatro del Lemming (Italy), in collaboration with TATWERK I Performative Forschung.

Intimate Theatre

Theatre is the place of estrangement; the place where ordinary things also become something else, symbols. In the theatrical Universe the spectator is by definition “the stranger”, the one who has to interpret symbols and unknown languages.  And as an interpreter, he is an active and essential fragment of scene and action. In the theatrical game actors and spectators are symbols of an identity that cannot be given without the encounter with one another. Nevertheless theatre is as well the safe place where actors and spectators can experience a “public intimacy”.Playing theatre, actors have the opportunity to experiment others identities, to contain diverse personalities, emotions, reasons. They have the chance to “walk in someone else’s shoes”, finding connections and similarities.


Aurora Kellermann si è diplomata alla Cometa. Aurora si occupa di Tatwerk.

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