The Circuit of La Cometa

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Via del Teatro Marcello, 4 – 00186 Roma
“A jewel of art  at Campidoglio” said Antonio Munoz. The theatre was inaugurated in 1934 thanks to Anna Laetitia Pecci Blunt,  and it immediatly gained a certain fame.

In 1958 the theatre was finally completed by the architect Tommaso BuzziVirgilio Marchi. For ten years its life was uninterrupted, hosting  artists as Jonesco, Beckett, Kopit, one man shows by John Gielgud, Jean Louis Barrault, Madeleine Renaud, concerts by Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Nikita Magaloff, Milly, Gisela May, and Charles Trenet.
The theatre was destroyed by fire in 1969.

After 17 years and in agreement with Viviana Pecci Blunt, daughter of Laetitia, Giorgio Barattolo reopened the theatre with the collaboration of architect Alberto Filippi.  Giorgio Barattolo is the nephew of Giuseppe Baratolo the film producer and founder of Caeser Film in the 1920’s who discovered Francesca Bertini a leading name in Italian silent films.


Via Luca della Robbia 47 – 00153 Roma
A few years ago Teatro della Cometa inaugurated a news pace in Rome’s Testaccio area, La cometa off,  which produces works by new writers,  and young directors and which host the schools final year productions.

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